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H. Leung founded the first Leung Gallery in the 1960s in Hong Kong. In 1978, the Leung family immigrated to the United States, where lives in the Bay Area of California.

In 2009, the eldest son, Thomas Leung founded the Shanghai Leung Gallery and studio in Shanghai. In the past years many art lovers became the Leung collectors from our shows.

Our History

The history behind the art of H. Leung can be dated back to 1949 when H. Leung moved from his hometown in Guangdong to Hong Kong where he fell in love with oil painting.

Completely self-taught, driven by his passion and by his curiosity for the arts, he went on to establish his iconic style of impressionism, which created a great interest and anticipation in Hong Kong’s art circles. In 1978, H. Leung moved to the United States together with his wife and four sons and from then on, a brand new chapter for Leung art began to unfold.

Deeply influenced by their father’s works from childhood, the first son, Thomas Leung, and the third son, Richard Leung, inherited their father’s artistic drive and formed their own unique style, while also portraying the same abundance in color and depth. H. Leung, together with his sons, began Leung Studio located in Bay Area, CA, and dove into the business of art publishing, and art licensing for their unique artworks. Over the years, artworks produced by the Leung family of artists have been showcased and collected in many art exhibitions, museums and galleries worldwide.

The limited edition and open edition reproductions of art works have also garnered a great market around the world. The published album of artworks, “The Art of H. Leung, Thomas Leung & Richard Leung”, is highly regarded by art lovers and can be collected through retail sites such as Amazon.