1568 Chenglong Road, Xincheng Shangkun Yue Shan Peninsula #58
Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
P: 86-17317712350

Art Services

We provide art handling, installation, and restoration expertise for all of our works on both commercial and residential locations. Our gallery offers local services in Shanghai such as custom framing, delivery and installation, while also upholding an international shipping and packaging standard for all foreign clientele.

Commissioned Artworks

Consultation for public and private commissioned artworks is provided for ongoing projects.

Custom Framing

Our custom framing offers a wide variety of frame fillets, fabric frames, and outer frame samples for a layered depth to our artworks.


Our packaging services include on site soft packing and custom-made crate services.

With industry standard fine art packing and handling insurance, our gallery ensures the safety and professionalism that comes with collecting Leung artworks.


Our installation services provide a team of dedicated art installation experts.

Appraisal & Restoration

We provide Leung art appraisals and artwork restoration services to all past and future clients.